30 Days to Christmas 2015 Now Available!

30 Days to Christmas 2015 eBook

30 Days to Christmas:
Procrastinator’s Edition
Now Available!

Whether you work better under a little time pressure or you take one holiday at a time or you just can’t seem to work ahead, 30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition is right for you! Get ready for Christmas in just 30 days with this step-by-step guide.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • daily tasks, reminders, & activities for the crucial 30 days before Christmas,
  • daily checklists,
  • 15 lists and worksheets from ListPlanIt.com,
  • budgeting for Christmas,
  • holiday meal planning and preparation,
  • holiday party and event planning,
  • holiday details, such as cards, travel, gift wrap, stockings, and more!

Daily Checklist | 30 Days to Christmas
It is all you need to keep you on track this Christmas.  Download now for just $8 OR click here to find out how to share the eBook and get 50% off.

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Available ONLY through November 27 (Black Friday)!

For an excerpt of the first 8 pages, including the table of contents, instructions for using this eBook, and Day #1, see below.

30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition 2015

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30 Days to Christmas Available Tomorrow!

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Day 50: Fortify your Food Bank

Day 50: Fortify your Food Bank | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Today, we are halfway through our journey of the 100 days before Christmas! Remember those in your community who may be partaking of the generosity of friends and neighbors through the use of the local food bank. Take out the grocery list you started for your Thanksgiving meal planning and add a note or list some non-perishable items that can easily […]

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Day 51: Plan your Thanksgiving Menu

Day 51: Plan your Thanksgiving Menu | 100DaystoChristmas.com

For today is to create a Thanksgiving Menu Planner* by listing the types of foods that you would like to include in your Thanksgiving meal: appetizers, main course, side dishes, bread, salads, and most importantly, desserts! Maybe you already have a favorite sweet potato recipe or maybe you want to find one that would work for your family. Start planning now […]

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Day 52: Election Day

Day 52: Election Day | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Get out and vote! And then call your friends to remind them to vote! It may not seem worthwhile to stand in voting lines, but some things are worth a little inconvenience. Be an example to your children and let them know you voted today!

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Day 53: Establish a Tradition of Giving

Day 53: Establish a Tradition of Giving | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Begin to research ways for your family to give this season. Take a look around your community for something meaningful to you. Remember that if you don’t offer some help, who will? This may be a difficult time for people in your community this year. Assistance comes in many different forms. Look for ways that you and your family can donate […]

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Day 56: Halloween Eve

Day 56: Halloween Eve | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Set aside this day for some family togetherness. If you haven’t carved your jack-o-lantern, this is the perfect night to spread out some newspapers on the kitchen table and get your creative juices flowing. Another great tradition has only come along in the past few years. Put together a bag of treats or candies and deliver it to a neighbor or […]

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Day 59: Entertain for Christmas

Day 59: Entertain for Christmas | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Begin to think about what might be happening in your home in December. Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a get-together in your home but never considered the details in time to organize it. Maybe your home is already designated as the hub for Christmas gatherings in your family. Don’t wait! It will only bring stress if you put it off. […]

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Day 60: Outline your Advent Activities

Day 60: Update your Advent Activities | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Start thinking about those activities, events, and traditions that mean Christmas to you and your family. Begin by filling in Advent Activity Planner*. Your family may have an Advent tradition all your own, but one thing is for certain: it must be ready by November 30.

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Day 63: Check Out a Halloween Movie

Day 63: Check out a Halloween Movie | 100DaystoChristmas.com

Locate an October-themed movie for your Friday Family Flick. Check to see if there are any airing on TV tonight, check one out at your library, or look around online for a way to stream or download. Embark on a trip down memory lane as you introduce your children to a favorite fall movie.

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