It’s a Wrap!

Day 13 – It’s time to lock yourself in a bedroom or private space and get as much wrapping done as possible.  How do you handle presents under the tree? When do you begin wrapping presents?

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Gift & Card Check-In

Day 14 – There is little time to finish your gift buying or gift-making. You will save yourself time and stress if you don’t wait until the very last minute. If you are sending Christmas cards, it is time to get them in the mail.  Tell us your card and gift status! Visit the 100 Days […]

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Get your Ingredients

Day 15 – Create your grocery list from the recipes of the dishes you plan to prepare for your Christmas meal. Be sure to include every ingredient that you will need.  What are your best holiday grocery shopping tips? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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The Goose is Getting Fat

Day 16 – Plan out details of Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast, and/or a Christmas day meal. Create a menu or use ListPlanIt’s Holiday Menu Planner*. Don’t forget to include a main dish, side dishes, bread or rolls, drinks, and of course – a dessert (or two)! When is your big holiday meal? Do you have […]

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Christmas Day Preparation

Day 17 – Begin to plan out the final days before Christmas. By setting goals and deadlines for yourself, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be accomplished and when each task should be scheduled in the next two weeks. Consider final gift buying and wrapping, travel preparations, cleaning, meal preparations, parties and events. […]

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Christmas Around the World

Day 20 – Tomorrow is St. Nick’s Day.  Do you celebrate St. Nick’s Day? Have your children written their letter to Santa yet?  If not, St. Nick’s Day is the perfect day to do it.  What are your family’s unique Christmas traditions? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Shake & Bake

Day 21 – Have you chosen your favorite Christmas cookies to bake this season?  Do you have your ingredients?  Today is a great day to put on your favorite Christmas tunes, pour yourself a cup of eggnog, and warm up the kitchen with some Christmas cookies.  Which cookies are Christmas staples in your house?  Which cookies […]

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Deck the Halls

Day 24 – Did you get your tree this weekend?  Have you started decorating your home for Christmas?  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is short, so set your holiday decor out so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.  It really helps to put you in the holiday spirit.  Do you like to […]

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Black Friday

Day 28 – Shop hard, if that is your thing. Also, take advantage of the day and put away the remnants of your fall and Thanksgiving décor into well-marked boxes or tubs.  Are you a Black Friday shopper? Do you get up early or do you prefer to shop online on this day? Visit the […]

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30 Days to Christmas!

Day 30 – Do you prefer to prepare for Christmas in advance or do you like need to feel the pressure before you can start?  Today is just 30 days to Christmas! Now until Black Friday, get 50% off 1) 30 Days to Christmas (just $4) 2) Annual Memberships (Basic less than $20 and Pro less than $40) 3) all ePlanners ($2.50 each!) Use […]

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