30 Days to Christmas!

Day 30 – Do you prefer to prepare for Christmas in advance or do you like need to feel the pressure before you can start?  Today is just 30 days to Christmas!

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Make Ahead Prep

Day 31 – Decide what can be cooked or prepared today and get it done. Need vegetables cut for the stuffing? Do all of your chopping today. Can you prepare and refrigerate the casserole today so that it is ready to go in the oven on Thursday? Does the cranberry sauce need time to set up? […]

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So Clean You Could Eat Off Them

Day 34 – There is no time like the present to get an unpleasant task out of the way: mopping. Do you have a method of mopping that works? I would love to hear your ideas.  How has cleaning week gone for you?  Do you feel more ready for Thanksgiving? Visit the 100 Days to […]

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Hit the Floor Running

Day 35 – Sweep your hard floors and vacuum any carpets and rugs. Start with an attachment and go over the windowsills and baseboards. Don’t forget to get the corners and stairs. Hand one child a broom and the other one the dustpan and set them to work. Make it a group effort! Visit the […]

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Day 36 – Give your bathroom a good deep cleaning! Clean the surfaces you haven’t thought of in a while. Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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From the Top. . .

Day 37 – Dust (or vacuum) ceiling and window corners, all furniture, knick-knacks, and shelves. This would make a GREAT after-school activity for the kids, as well. Give them some socks to cover their hands, a little dusting spray, and some instructions. All you would need to do is follow up on their progress. Visit […]

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Cleaning Week

Day 38 – Prepare yourself for a mindset to clean. Even if you are not hosting Thanksgiving, it is a great way to prepare your home for the start of the Christmas season.  What is your holiday cleaning strategy? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Final Advent Preparation

Day 41 – Locate your Advent calendar or find an Advent calendar that works for your family.  If your family traditionally follows an Advent calendar, what kind do you use?  What plans have you been making for Advent this year? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Card Assembly

Day 42 – Card, photo, envelope, repeat.  Gather the family to help you assemble this year’s Christmas cards.  What is the status of your Christmas card mailing? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Address Christmas Card Envelopes

Day 43 – Whether or not you have your Christmas cards purchased or ordered and in your possession, today is a great day to move closer to having them ready to send out.  You might prefer a fancy pen and handwriting your addresses on envelopes, or maybe printing labels is the route you take to addressing your […]

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