Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore!”

Day 56 – Happy Halloween Eve! Visit your local library and check out a Halloween book or video. Gather your own Halloween craft books, picture books, and maybe even start a good thriller.  What are your favorite Halloween stories?

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Establish a Tradition of Giving

Day 57 – Begin to research ways for your family to give this season. Take a look around your community for something meaningful to you.  What are some of your family’s giving tradition(s)? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Entertaining for Christmas

Day 58 – Begin to think about what might be happening in your home in December.  Where are your holiday gatherings are usually held. If in your home, what are your best tips for hosting? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Advent Activity Planner

Day 59 – One of my favorite family traditions is our family’s Advent Calendar.  Instead of candy, I place an activity in each day of December.  It really helps me stay on track with all of the lovely things of the season.  Do you have an Advent calendar?  Tell about your Advent calendar plans. Visit the 100 […]

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Celebrate the Imagination

Day 60 – Enjoy the party that you are either hosting or have been invited to attend. If your children are a little older, take the family out to a local event. Share your Halloween plan for fun. Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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I Believe in the Great Pumpkin

Day 62 – For many people, holiday movies are a part of childhood memories. Many of us enjoy sharing those traditions with our own children.  Tell us about your favorite Halloween movies as a kid &/or as an adult. Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.

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Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

Day 63 – Pay tribute to the pet in your life this Christmas. Maybe you could buy them a new bone or a new play toy or even have your children make something that shows how much your family values that pet. Give your pet a little extra attention this holiday season.  Show us a photo […]

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Stock Up on Stocking Stuffers

Day 64 – Go through your gift closet and stash of trinkets and goodies. Inventory what you have and consider what might be good to keep your eye out for to add to your collection. Keep in mind the size of your stockings and do not go overboard. What does Santa put in stockings at your […]

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Day 65 – Think of ways that you can do your part to reduce, reuse, or recycle this holiday season. Skip the paper plates and enlist help to wash the dishes. Use reusable gift bags instead of wrapping paper. Store your cookies in reusable containers instead of ziploc bags. Visit us on the 100 Days to […]

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Wrap Roll Call

Day 66 – We’re now one-third of the way to Christmas!  Inventory your holiday giftwrap and supplies. Do you have enough of what you need? What are your favorite gift wrap tips and techniques? ___ Paper rolls ___ Gift bags (paper or fabric) ___ Tissue paper ___ Gift boxes ___ Tape ___ Ribbons ___ Bows ___ […]

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