Halfway to Christmas!

I know it seems hard to believe, but today we are officially halfway to Christmas! Yay!!

100 Days to Christmas will be gearing up soon with a brand new 100 Days to Christmas 2015 eBook to be released at the end of August and beginning the countdown on September 16 (exactly 100 days to Christmas) so be on the lookout for more information coming soon.  Stay up to date on news and information about this year’s 100 Days by joining our Facebook community.

To get started saving money, preparing for summer holidays, or getting ready extra-early for Christmas, check out ListPlanIt.com for hundreds of printable lists and planning pages to put your world in order!  Pro Members to ListPlanIt will get the 100 Days to Christmas for FREE in the month of September, so join today!



100 Days to Christmas Begins Today!

100 Days to Christmas 2014 binder

Today, September 16, marks exactly 100 days to Christmas!  Our goal is to motivate and inspire you so that you can relax through the busy holiday season knowing that you are more prepared than ever.  This time of year hosts several major holidays and special occasions. Part of being ready for Christmas is knowing how […]

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One Day to Countdown!

100 Days to Christmas 2014 eBook

Today, there are 101 days to Christmas. That is not such a scary statement when you realize that when you start early, you have plenty of time to make this a fun and meaningful holiday season. We’re not just about Christmas around here. There are several major and minor holidays between now and Christmas Day. […]

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You Are Invited to our 3rd Annual Facebook Party!

100 Days to Christmas Facebook Party | 100DaystoChristmas.com

  This Tuesday, September 16, begins the journey of 100 Days to Christmas!  To get things rolling, of course you will want to check in to 100DaystoChristmas.com to see what exciting things are happening on that first day.  But that evening, as you start thinking about the week ahead, plan to join us on 100 Days to […]

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Reasons to Join the 100 Days to Christmas 2014

100 Days to Christmas 2014 eBook | 100DaystoChristmas.com

  100 Days to Christmas is not just about planning for Christmas each and every day.  That would get old and would be overwhelming.  The idea is, however, that by starting early in thinking about tasks, you’ll start earlier in your planning.  By starting in September, we are able to take it slow and incorporate […]

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100 Days to Christmas 2014 eBook Now Available!

Buy 100 Days to Christmas 2014 eBook Now | 100DaystoChristmas.com

A Daily Dose of Inspiration & Motivation for a Busy Holiday Season! This eBook is a journey that begins on September 16, and leads you day-by-day toward a peaceful and meaningful holiday season. This manual is 145 pages of holiday tips and ideas, reminders, and activity suggestions. Also included are calendars and a companion workbook of 31 […]

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100 Days of Summertime eBook Now Available!

This eBook, updated for 2014, is a journey that begins around Memorial Day, and leads you day-by-day through the best parts of summertime right up to Labor Day. Each day offers a task, activity, or reminder to help inspire and motivate you throughout the summertime. It also includes calendars and a workbook of 34 lists from ListPlanIt.com […]

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100 Days of a New Year 2014 eBook is Here!

A Daily Dose of Inspiration for Navigating a New Year!   100 Days of a New Year 2014 eBook is a journey to a more focused, more productive YOU.  Beginning January 1 through April 10, get inspired to set goals and find motivation for making 2014 your best year yet!  As a bonus, you get 75 […]

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