Top Reasons to Join the 2015 Countdown to Christmas

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100 Days to Christmas is not just about planning for Christmas each and every day.  That would get old and would be overwhelming.  The idea is, however, that by starting early in thinking about tasks, you’ll start earlier in your planning.  By starting in September, we are able to take it slow and incorporate the many holidays and special occasions that occur during the holiday season.  While you may not feel motivated to buy gift wrap in October, just seeing it mentioned may be enough to jumpstart your brain into having it ready for Christmas.

Here are some reasons why you should join us in the journey to Christmas for 2015.

  • Great community.  There is a terrific group of people who follow along and participate on the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page.  People ask questions, submit ideas, share photos.  This year it will be even greater!  More to come on that.
  • Fun giveaways.  In years past, we’ve had some great giveaways for people following along.  This year, we will be giving away annual memberships to, 100 Days to Christmas Binder, some of my favorites: music, books, gift cards, and some surprises.
  • Motivation = Action.  As you follow along, you’ll find that the tips, reminders, and activities suggested will rouse you into action.  You might find that you’re buying ingredients well before Thanksgiving instead of last-minute or getting your family photo taken in time to send it out in your cards.
  • Party time.  We like to kick off the 100 Days to Christmas (September 16) with a party!  All you have to do is join us on Facebook at 9 pm EST, and we will inspire each other.  More to come on that.
  • By the Book.  The 100 Days to christmas 2015 eBook has it all laid out in one convenient packet.  There is a calendar synopsis of everyday, a page dedicated to a new task each day, resources and tools included, and buyers get a coupon code for 25% off an annual membership to  Plus, brand new this year is a Countdown Checklist that allows you to check off tasks as you go.  But hurry up because the book is only available to buy until Friday September 19!
  • Lists Galore.  With 34 lists & planning pages included as a companion workbook in the back of the eBook, you have just about everything you need to organize your holiday thoughts.  These can be printed or you can type right into the PDF.

I look forward to the journey with you this year!

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For an excerpt of the first 8 pages, including the table of contents, instructions for using this eBook, and Day #1, see below.

100 Days to Christmas 2015 eBook

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