Day 81: Contemplate Christmas Cards

Day 81: Contemplate Christmas Cards |

A little research is in order for the Countdown to Christmas Challenge for today. Maybe you have saved a few of your favorite cards that friends have sent in the past. Maybe you have clippings that you saved from old magazines or a Pinterest board. Check out some of our favorite Christmas card ideas on our Pinterest board.

Day 86: Plan December Crafts

Day 86: Plan December Crafts |

Look around online or in some old magazines for some new craft ideas for December. You may have already begun to work on handmade gifts for Christmas, but handmade crafts can be the perfect excuse for quality time with the family and a priceless yet economical option for gift giving.

Day 92: Make It by Hand

Day 92: Make It by Hand |

Go through your Christmas gift list to decide who might be most appreciative of a gift made by hand. Start researching what gifts would appropriately match your skills. Make a list of the materials and supplies (see ListPlanIt’s Handmade Gifts Planner) and be sure to have instructions on hand should you need them. Set goals on your October and November calendars for completing your gifts.

Day 94: Begin Gift Lists

Day 94: Begin Gift Lists |

Create a gift list that includes everyone to whom you would like to give a gift this Christmas.  Place it in your holiday planner directly behind your calendars and begin to jot gift ideas as you think of them. Be sure to make notes about your ideas and list the final gift(s) once you’ve made or purchased it. Then refer back to the list for future gift-giving occasions such as birthdays or holidays.