Day 59: Entertain for Christmas

Day 59: Entertain for Christmas |

Begin to think about what might be happening in your home in December. Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a get-together in your home but never considered the details in time to organize it. Maybe your home is already designated as the hub for Christmas gatherings in your family. Don’t wait! It will only bring stress if you put it off. Start thinking about your entertaining budget, list of guests, food, supplies, and location.

Day 60: Outline your Advent Activities

Day 60:  Update your Advent Activities |

Start thinking about those activities, events, and traditions that mean Christmas to you and your family. Begin by filling in Advent Activity Planner*. Your family may have an Advent tradition all your own, but one thing is for certain: it must be ready by November 30.

Day 64: Set Up a Gift Closet

Day 64: Set Up a Gift Closet |

Locate a safe spot such as a portion of a closet, a corner of your storage room, a bin, or other safe location. Label it with something like “Ironing” and be confident in the idea that no one will EVER peek into it.

Day 65: Don’t Forget your Pets

Day 65: Don't Forget your Pets |

Pay tribute to the pet in your life this Christmas. Maybe you could buy them a new bone or a new play toy or even have your children make something that shows how much your family values that pet. Give your pet a little extra attention this holiday season.

Day 66: Stock Up on Stocking Stuffers

Day 66: Stock Up on Stocking Stuffers |

Go through your gift closet and stash of trinkets and goodies. Inventory what you have and consider what might be good to keep an eye out to add to your collection. Keep in mind the size of your stockings and do not go overboard. Santa’s policy: Less is more!

Day 67: Inventory/Sort Gift Wrap

Day 67: Inventory your Giftwrap |

Inventory your holiday giftwrap and supplies. Maybe you stocked up after last Christmas. Maybe your current stock is depleted after last year. Consider buying gift-wrap that can be reused such as paper or fabric gift bags the next time you shop for supplies.

Day 73: Home for the Holidays

Day 73: Home for the Holidays |

Take a look at your calendars, make note of the days that would be best to travel based on your schedules, and get serious about making the final preparations: purchase tickets, map out routes, make a packing list, and reserve a car and a hotel.

Day 78: Schedule a Family Photo

Day 78:  Schedule a Family Photo |

Make an appointment with a photographer for your family’s Christmas portrait to be taken so that you can get the pictures back in time to send with the cards. If a professional photographer is not your style or in your budget, then make an appointment on your calendar to take a family photo out in your yard or in another meaningful spot.

Day 79: Roundup Correct Addresses


Day 79: Roundup Correct Addresses |

Check your address book(s), pull up, search on Google, and call your mother if need be to find the addresses of the friends and family that you have either lost touch with or have moved. Use ListPlanIt’s Address Book* to keep your Christmas card contacts all in one location, or be sure to update your address management system so that you’ll have it for next year.

Day 80: Update your Christmas Card List

Day 80:  Update your Christmas Card List |

Create your list of Cards to Send, and begin to list everyone to whom you think you might like to send a card. You can always pare down the list later, if it is too overwhelming. This way you have a general idea of how many cards you need to buy or make. Be sure to add these pages to your holiday planner!