Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Day 9: Spread some Christmas cheer | 100DaystoChristmas.comWhile you may be in the midst of a busy Christmas season, rushing between seasonal events and family get-togethers, remember that there are many who are either alone or unable get out easily.

Countdown to Christmas | 100DaystoChristmas.comThe Christmas Countdown Challenge for today is to consider ways to spread Christmas cheer to those whom cheer seems unfathomable.  This year alone, there are many people who have lost family members or suffered from illness. Many others have lost jobs and have felt a lot of stress over caring for the basic needs of their families. There are still others who are resigned to spending their remaining years in a hospital or nursing home. Most of us have a lot to be thankful for.

Who in your world could use a little Christmas cheer today? Visit the 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page and tell us how you plan to make this season sparkle a little more.


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